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2021 BOW BATTLE: Hoyt Ventum 30 vs Mathews

In this video I compare 2021 Hoyt Ventum 30 vs Mathews V3 31. Don't miss out on the give away. Make sure to comment on the Hoyt Ventum 30 video to be enter...By Nahid August 16, 2023. The bowtech amplify offers advanced technology and precision, while the hoyt torrex boasts excellent accuracy and versatility. Both bows excel in their respective features, making them popular choices among archery enthusiasts. The bowtech amplify's cutting-edge design enhances accuracy and stability, ensuring ...This best bows of 2016 article utilizes our knowledge, our test, and information from Hoyt, Bear, Prime, Bowtech, and Mathews web sites. We put each bow through the exact same test, using the same arrows, heads, release, and rest. We did vary the site used, but all were fixed sites with no sliding pins.

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Mathews Avail. The Centergy Air ($1,099) sports the accuracy-enhancing features of Prime's flagship bow but with a lighter riser and more streamlined grip for female shooters. The TRK Parallel Cam System combined with the Balanced Targeting System offers a smooth draw and sustained stability. At 4.1 pounds and 33€‰¼ inches axle to axle, the Centergy Air is available in draw weights up to ...Bowhunting Gear Review - matthews vs hoyt - I shot the Switchback, Trykon, Tribute, Allegience and a few others before I decided. I narrowed down to 3 bows and the shot them some more. They were the Swithchback XT the Trykon and the Bowtech Tribute.I ended up with 2 of the final 3. As you can tell by my screen name IHoyt has followed up a successful run with its Ventum series with the launch of the new VTM 31 and VTM 34 for the 2023 season. November 18, 2022 By Jon E. Silks. When you look at, shoot, and experience the new VTM 31 or 34, Hoyt wants you to think high performance, integration, flow, system, alignment and synergy.Mar 27, 2024 · Bow Sight: Redline RL-3. The RL-3 is a three-pin sight with toolless micro adjust, which made it easy to sight in the nine bows in our test. Arrows: Black Eagle Spartan. The Black Eagle Spartan is a consistent, small diameter shaft that was the ideal choice for getting the best accuracy out of the bows. Honestly gotta shoot them both one will just feel better to you. If you can't shoot both based on the specs the Mathews is a shorter ata at 34ish and the Hoyt is 36ish. The Hoyt in theory should be more forgiving because it is longer. The Mathews will be lighter and slightly faster shooting. The cam feel you have to pull to feel it.Mathews, Hoyt, and Elite make the highest quality bows on the market. Period. While other companies like PSE, Bear, Bowtech and so on make good products the quality, technology, materials, exc do not match those of the big 3. It was mentioned above that Mission by Mathews is of the same quality just with year old technology.Bow / Hunting LIFT ™ 29.5. LIFT. 29.5. The 2024 LIFT is lightweight and heavy hitting. At sub-4 pounds, this next generation of Mathews hunting bows utilizes the all-new SwitchWeight-X Cam delivering speeds up to 348 FPS while remaining deadly quiet. The LIFT features reimagined RPD ™ limbs to minimize post-shot vibration, a new top axle ...Hoyt Rx or Mathews Triax? Discussion in 'Intro to Bowhunting & Archery' started by Josh Jacobs, Jan 16, 2018. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Josh Jacobs Newb. Joined: Jan 16, 2018 Posts: 7 Likes Received: 2 Dislikes Received: 0. Im new to this forum and bows in general. I've done some reading and have narrowed my quest down to these 2. Just looking for ...The Hoyt has very low spine sensitivity. I had to find the exact spine. With the Mathews, I was able to tune three different spines. Mathews dominated this category! Hand Shock. The Mathews bow, again, dominated this category. I had zero elbow pain and it was really smooth. With the Hoyt, I had a lot more vibration and could feel it more in my ...Danny decides its time for a new bow since the bearing in his current rig is making noise.Skull hill archery agrees to help Danny in selecting a bow by picki...Mathews V3X 33 only 33 but the riser of TRX 33 and only hunting bow make it to a pro shoot off in 3D, its a shooter no question. Mathews by far has the best accessories: quiver, stand, stay a field (most wont use) 3 or 4 grip options or and switch weight technology.A dynamic 2024 duo, Bowtech gives bowhunters its Core SR (25- to 30-inch draw length) and Core SS (26- to 31-inch draw length). The big story with both compounds is CenterMass Technology, which aligns the sight to create maximum stability and undeniable shot-to-shot consistency. Billed by Bowtech as being a sweet blend of speed and smoothness ...In my experience the Mathews bows are very efficient throughout the draw length range, and unless you are going with a Traverse 30" is about the top end of a lot of Mathews bows. The Hoyt bows are always faster at the upper end of the cam range so it will depend on which model and cam you fit into. Honestly though, you will be splitting hairs.I shot the Maxxis 35, Maxxis 31, Mathews Z7, & Monster 7. I ended up getting the Maxxis 35 just because it felt better shooting than any of the others. And my other bow is a Switchback so I am loyal to Mathews somewhat. But the Maxxis was definitely the better bow. Shoot 'em all and see how they feel for you. Good luck.:thumbs_upwww.youtube.com/@BuffaloCreekOutdoorsOfficial?sub_confirmation=1Bow Criteria Sheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14N2KootRggAJcjFr_i8pSHnvBD05Ptik...The draw lengths between the two feel different cause they measure from two different places. Typical of a Mathews is 0.5” longer than what the mod says it is when you measure AMO while a Hoyt is typically only about 0.25” longer. Because of this I always tell people to shoot what feels comfortable and not any specific number.In this video, Tony puts both of Hoyt's 2023 flagship bows to a head to head comparison. The Carbon RX-7 Ultra is Hoyt's premier carbon riser bow while the V...With a Mathews, it'll cost you. Hoyt vs MathewsJan 30, 2021 ... In todays video Laura and I go to Arc They were all 70# bows setup at 65# and 29.5" draw length with factory let offs. And for bias checkers, I currently own a Mathews V3X 33. Bows Shot Include: Mathews Lift 33 Hoyt Alpha X 33 Hoyt RX8 Ultra Bowtech Core SR Bowtech SS34 (23 bow but I would imagine similar to Core SS but in an ATA I prefer) Areas Scored 1-10 (Perfect Score 50): Grip ...Now, in reality, neither Hoyt nor Mathews are really best for those looking for a super cheap bow. For cheaper bows, you’d be better off looking at Diamond or Bowtech. Because they are known for producing luxury bows, Hoyt and Mathews tend to have higher price tags. And by “higher,” I mean over $1,000. See more 9416 posts · Joined 2004. #2 · Apr 10, 2022. You could probably a Mathews Halon 5, Halon 6, and Halon 7. Halon 7: The all new 2016 HALON™ is our hardest hitting flagship bow to date. Inspired by NO CAM™ technology, the Crosscentric™ Cam employs a partially concentric string payout and AVS® Technology to produce a stealthy draw and consistent accuracy while delivering speeds up to 335 feet per second.I reviewed the 2021 flagship bows from Mathews and Hoyt. Could this be the best Hoyt ever?Please like and subscribe and thanks for watching Ridge Raised Outd... I shot the Omnia, Phase 4, and Hoyt back to b

Brought my Bowtech Carbon One to compare draw/vibration/speed. All bows where put on draw board and timed, draw weight was taken and draw length was measured. Three bows I shot were Mathews lift 29.5, Hoyt Alpha X 30, Hoyt RX-8 30 inch. Both Hoyt’s where 70.1 lbs at 28.5dl measured. Mathews was 72lbs with 28 mod …2. Feb 23, 2021. #2. I found this video most interesting. I was recently sharing info about the video at the local bow shop who is a Hoyt dealer. Shared with him about the Hoyt could only accept a picharry mount plate being required for the front of the riser to mount a sight. He reached above him and got the Hoyt demo off a bow rack and show ...In summary, the Mathews Switchback XT Compound Bow is a top-quality bow from the renowned Mathews Switchback series. Designed with exceptional craftsmanship and performance in mind, it offers a quiet, compact, and forgiving shooting experience. Its compact size allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces without compromising on power and ...You and I have the same draw length. Shot the Lift and the Alpha X. Now I cant say the Lift 29 vs Lift 33. The Alpha X 30 vs 33. The way the mod is for Alpha are different places on the 30 vs 33 cam. Wasn't a fan of the 33. The 30 was so much better. Even the pro shop noticed me shooting them. Which the owner actually shoots for Hoyt.Whitetip Hunter. 3356 posts · Joined 2006. #9 · Aug 16, 2016. Nope. I would not even buy a Mathews, Elite, Hoyt etc if it was made in china. Heck, now I won't buy GT, CX, TruGlo and many other products because they are not made in the USA, regardless of cost.

MSRP: $1,349 | $1,449. BUY NOW. Hoyt Archery announced the release of their new flagship bows for 2023, the Hoyt VTM 31 & 34. This bow is a build-off of their Ventum Pro from last year with the same cam system and In-Line™ compatible accessories. The main difference for this new bow, is the decrease in sound.73 posts · Joined 2019. #21 · Nov 4, 2021. Good point, I choose PSE because I prefer a longer A2A bow and Hoyt doesn't really have a bow for tall archers with long draw lengths. Also, I hate the Hoyt draw cycle and the general feel of the bow. anytime I get a new bow I go to my shop and shoot all the new bows and the Hoyt bows always seem to ...SHOOT THE NEW BOW LINEUP. Find a Dealer. If you're just getting started or you're a seasoned hunter looking for an upgrade, see a Hoyt dealer near you to learn more about the new lineup of bows. Zip Code . Miles (Radius) Submit. International Dealers > 7 Dealers found within 50 miles of 84116.…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Jun 29, 2020 ... We decided to dust off our chronograph and see how. Possible cause: The New 2023 Mathews and Hoyt bows are here! The Mathews Phase 4 33 vs the Hoyt VTM.

FNG. I just bought the Phase 4, 33inch. Shot the VTM and was good, but not as smooth and quiet as the Mathews. To be fair the pull weight was 70 on the vtm and longer draw vs phase 4 at 65 lbs, but still. The draw cycle of the phase 4 was awesome, smooth and pulled easy for the weight.The bow's speed is impressive—287 fps with a 29-inch draw length, draw weight of 70.30 pounds, and firing an arrow with a finished weight of 407.3 grains. When calculated, that gives the setup ...

Here are the best bow quivers you can buy. Best Overall: TightSpot 5-Arrow Quiver. Best One-Piece: RedLine RL-1 Carbon 6 Arrow Quiver. Best Two-Piece: TightSpot Pivot 2.5. Best Hip Quiver: Easton ...The bowtech 82nd airborne is a must shoot. It is the smoothest bow I have ever shot. I have shot mathews for years and they are very nice bows you can't go wrong there. If you want a bow that is a copy of all mathews technology with a little cute hand guard then try out a hoyt. They are all nice bows but remember you get what you pay fer.

Bowhunting - 2010 Bows Hoyt, Bow Tech & Mathews - I am looki Which bow do you prefer? Mathews Title or the Hoyt Stratos. We posted both bows on Facebook and recieved many comments about which bow people prefered. I d...In this video I compare the Hoyt Torrex to the Torrex Xt.2020 Hoyt Torrex SPECIFICATIONS MAP Bow only $599. Bow Package $699SPEED 327 fpsAXLE-TO-AXLE 30.7... Currently, the lightest bow in the market is a Hoyt bow. The Currently, the lightest bow in the market is a Hoyt Curt shoots the new bows for 2022! Mathews V3X, Prime Inline 1 and the Hoyt Ventum Pro.Please like and subscribe and thanks for watching Ridge Raised Outdoor... The V3X paired with our purpose-built accessory line is the most ad The Fanatic joins eight other Bowtech bows at the higher end of the price spectrum, all with price tags over $1000. Bowtech's cheapest model on their website is the Convergence, which is $599. That's the lowest that Bowtech will go, while at Bear, $599 is more like the middle to high end of the price spectrum.It was a good shooter but my Hoyt Prevail 37 SVX just flat out shoots better. Because of that I ordered an Invicta 37 SVX. Still waiting for it to arrive and it is killing me lol. Honestly, the Hoyt and Mathews target bows are excellent and shoot very well. I lean towards Hoyt but I promise you can shoot great scores with either. The New 2023 Mathews and Hoyt bows are here! TWhile both the mathews chill and hoyt spyder are higHoyt vs Mathews Bows, Head-to-Head With markedly totally d Hoytboy2. 561 posts · Joined 2005. #4 · Apr 24, 2015. Tie wraps and duck tape would work,but putting a Mathews quiver on a Hoyt won't make it shoot any better. LOL! Prime Centergy Hybrid. Mathews Halon X Pro. Mathews Halon X. B Stinger Stabs. You and I have the same draw length. Shot the Lift and the Alpha X. Messages. 1,759. Location. Oregon. Longer ATA short cam bows. A #2 or SD cam with a ATA 34/35" would be awesome. Shedding some weight would be a plus as well, take a carbon matrix riser and slap some new style cams and limbs with some kind of micro adjustable limb pocket or cam. Apr 15, 2023. #5.Yeah I've been shooting bow pretty consistently for about 6 years, just curious about the new performance of mathews/hoyt. Personally I love old recurves for recreational target shooting And me being 5'4 I prefer the 28-30ish ATA range, seems to fit me nice balance wise, use to shoot hoyt when I was young (10-13) doing archery clubs though ... Mathews, PSE, and Bowtech get my attaboy nods.[Built around their hand-laid carbon riser, t2022 BOW BATTLE: Mathews vs Bowtech vs Elite vs Hoyt. This is a Hoyt Torrex 30" vs Mathews V3x 33". Hi,As a first hunting bow and beginner archer, I have shortlisted the selection to a couple of bows. I will start with a 60lbs draw weight. I have a 29" draw length. Now I hesitate between the Hoyt Torrex and the Mathews v3x. The v3x is obviously higher on the budget scale, but I tend to lean towards this model.